Why do I need an upgrade to EOS 600D/T3i

If you have followed me for some time, chances are that you know how loyal a Canon user I am. There is no particular reason behind it. Canon was my first camera and ever since, I have stuck with it and have been one happy and contented user. Consumer electronics is a very tricky field and the camera industry is no exception to that. Camera manufacturers know what feature to add and what not to add in the every release they come up with. They make a well-researched decision, based on robust sales data, on what feature(s) goes in future releases of the same model so that they don’t loose the clientele who wish to upgrade for that cool new feature. Given all this, one should not be surprised that I want to upgrade my camera. As a Canon 550D/T2i user, I’m a little jealous about the new 600D/T3i that’s out there in the market. There are some cool features in 600D that makes me want it, let me put it mildly, very badly. Here are a few reasons that makes me want one


1. 3-Inch vari-angle clearview monitor I always look for that un-common or unique frame when I’m shooting pictures or videos. At times, this requires me to shoot pictures without looking at the viewfinder or LCD because of the kind of angle at which I am trying to shoot. During moments like these, the variangle LCD would make my life a lot easier. Another advantage of the LCD in 600D is that it is non-reflective and readable in bright light conditions.


2. Movie crop and Video Snapshot: Canon EOS 600D lets the user zoom into a scene by cropping the center of the sensor from 3x to 10x range at full HD quality. Another cool video feature that impressed me is that it can record movies in 2,4 8 second intervals and stitch them together as one continuous clip. To top it off, it can also add a sound track to accompany it. Since I use 550d mostly for capturing videos, these features from a the new model 600D is just begging me to upgrade to it.


3. Speedlite Transmitter: When I try off camera flash photography, I always end up using my canon 7D because of its cool feature – speedlite transmitter. Canon 550D becomes high maintenance when using off camera flash photography as it requires that I carry a wireless trigger for the speedlites. Now that Canon has added the Speedlite transmitter feature to the 600D, it is a welcome addition that 550D owners will look forward to.



Other new features: Some of the other perks of buying a Canon 600D would be the 5 creative filters that it comes with. These filters – Fisheye, tilt-shift, toy camera, soft focus and grainy B&W – can be added while taking pictures using the Canon 600D. Another cool feature is the Auto Picture style wherein the camera automatically selects the picture style depending on the type of scene that you are trying to capture. And finally, the Feature guide function where there is a small description of the settings that’s being changed is one of those new additions to this Canon model that impressed me. Having written in length about all these remarkable features the 600D can boast of, the question naturally begs: Will I take the leap and upgrade to it? Only time can tell.


  1. Venkat says:

    Man what about canon 60D ?? except for the rate!! u ve all the features in it and also it has fast processor!!

  2. Amar Ramesh says:

    @Venkat Yes upgrading to Canon 60D will also be a good option. But you are looking at 30% increase in cost. Also Canon 600D is lighter and smaller compared to 60D. The article is more about how I want to move from 550D that I currently own to a 600D which is the replacement of the same model.

  3. Venkat says:

    :-)) well said loved ur clicks so much!! each project is getting very interesting all d best amar!! amazing work!

  4. Karthik says:

    save the money and get 5d mark II :) but the problem is full frame lenses. they cost a lot.

  5. Nakean says:

    Very interesting. I’m a little confused as why you would feel to upgrade this camera when you also shoot with a 7D. I myself shoot with a 7D. Here are a few of my thoughts.
    As far as live view and strange angles. Focus is everything and with live view and moving subjects, your just not gonna get that tack sharp focus! The camera uses a different contrast method of focus rather than it’s usual single or cross type sensor. Composition is also extremely difficult when your not looking through the actual view finder. Anti Glare or not, I only trust the LCD for composition and turn my blown highlight indicator on.
    Digital Zoom…be careful here. They say “full HD” but what does that really mean. If you’re zooming without using a lens you’re are loosing image quality, pure and simple. As far as a sound track…that’s much better done in post…trust me :)
    Speedlite transmitter….I very seldom use this function on my 7D. I have used it when I’ve forgotten my radio transmitter, but I must say, it’s not much bigger than the pop up flash on my camera. I also know it’s going to fire my flash every time not matter what modifier I have on my speedlites. This can not be said about infrared transmitters. I use the rf-602 ebay transmitters which are cheap and have worked great for me so far.
    All those other scene automatic functions I think are better left to the computer. I’d rather have a 3ghz 8 core cpu working with the latest software adding the changes to my photos than a single gig processor, with software that doesn’t really get changed much(in camera). Sometimes once those filters are added, your stuck with them.
    If I were you I would upgrade my top DSLR before I even thought about upgrading my backup. Or better yet, invest in some new glass. This was not written to discourage your purchase only to show you another side of the story. Check out my blog… http://nakean.wordpress.com

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